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Our purpose is to enhance the Scottish Design Industry in a continuously eco conscious society

CLAED is passionate about bringing sustainability to the forefront of design. The inspiration stemmed from making small environmental changes in life which transfer through to our design, style and drive. We realise that sustainability in creative industries is no longer a choice but essential.

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CLAED believe that people should treat themselves to high quality items that will last, this will boost customers confidence in purchasing sustainable items. 

All products are made by hand in our studio. Our products are made to order which minimises waste and increases attention to detail.

Our studio is based in Wasps Hanson Street Studios, Dennistoun, Glasgow. Dennistoun has been named as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world in a new list by Time Out magazine of the places that represent the spirit of 'the greatest cities on earth'.

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About the Founder

CLAED was founded in 2020 by Scarlett Carruthers, a Scottish born fashion honours graduate from Heriot- Watt, and recipient of the 2019 Bernat Klein Award. Scarlett has gained experience in sustainability from working closely with a mentor who shared similar ideologies. As well as being a part of the world's first sustainable fashion week in Helsinki, working alongside founder Evelyn Mora and photographer Giusy De Ceglia at Vogue Italia. She is now enthused to be putting this knowledge into practice.

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